The Rotary Club

Chelmsford Massachusetts

District #7910


Club Membership on: Mon Jan 26 01:19:26 2015

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Stephen Adelstein OptometryLaurie Leahy Banking
Ronald I Bell+# Law Practice/TrialDenise Marcaurelle+ Banking
Charles Caliri High School PrincipalLynn Marcella+# Secretarial Service
Marian Currier Town AdministrationCindy Metcalf Orthodontist
Marilyn Curry AntiquesEric Mohan The PauklCenter
Simon Curry+# Microelectronics EngineeringDennis Mullen Computer Services
Richard DeFreitas Payroll ServiceFred Ramseyer Veterinary Medecine
Leonard W. III Doolan+# Receivables ManagementAndrea Rathbone Senior Care
Scott Durkee Hotel AdministrationJoseph Ready Real Estate
Angelique Eliopoulos AttorneyAnnmarie Roark Attorney
D. Lawrence Fadjo DentistAndrew Silinsh+# Computer Consultant
Dawn Ferrari Commercial BankingJohn Taylor Furniture Industry
Catherine Fobes BankingFrank Tiano School Superintendant
Eugene Gilet# Wool ProcessingAllen Thomas High School Principal
Kathleen Howe# Civil EngineeringRobert Waskiewicz+# Life Insurance
Anthony Kalil BankingArthur Yee General Dentistry
Charles Keen+# Telecommunications  
Patrick Kimera Management Consultant  

Honorary Members

Clinton Barlow Formerly Clergy/Protestant Ruth I'Anson  
Brad Emerson Formerly Insurance John Minott Formerly Christian Religion
Bill Gillette+# Real Estate Ralph Mondano+# Formerly University/Education;
Dan Gillette# Formerly Real Estate Stephen Tolman# Formerly General Dentistry
Brad Emerson# Formerly Real Estate Richard Fox Formerly Attorney
Bill Gilette# Formerly Real Estate Sheila Hardy Formerly Concrete Products
Martin Gruber# Formerly Veterinarian    
KEY + Past President # Paul Harris Fellow

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